Wednesday, September 22, 2010

what's work without play?

So technically I should not be blogging right now. I am doing good to get drive through dinners on the table (well coffee table by the TV) for my sweet husband these days! Life has never flashed so quickly as it has in the past few months. I'm truly in hog heaven with my new "lifestyle" and even though I think I work more now than I ever have in the past, it is in the comfort of my own home and doing the jobs I want....there is just nothing better than being your own boss!

Time to catch you all up on a few projects I'm working on. I seriously wish I had time to upload it all for you guys to see, but for now a brief description will have to do.

I currently have 7 design jobs I'm working on (two of which are HUGE kitchen renovations!) One of them is for a very good decorator here in Lubbock who contacted yours truly to do her design drafting! She is so great and from the looks of things, it appears we may be collaborating on many more residential jobs to come. The second kitchen remodel is for a wonderful family in Dallas that we actually met on our cruise this past summer! We hit it off with their family and they invited us to their big Halloween/Birthday bash in Vegas in October! She called last week and wants me to come up with a new kitchen design. I most likely will be making a trip to the metroplex in early October to work on the kitchen remodel, check in on my aunts design job, and take a family portrait session for my sweet high school friend Lindsey.

Lubbock is just a great place to be, and I have been so blessed to have such great friends, family, and acquaintances that have helped spread the news of my new business. It's amazing how close you actually get to clients when you're in their home and hear their stories. I am doing some consulting for a wonderful lady that has lived in Houston, Singapore, Ireland, the congo in Africa, and somehow ended up here in good 'ole west Texas. She found herself in a local store and asked who a good designer would be and my sweet friend (and photography crush) Kristin Bednarz overheard her and gave her my number! Small world! I have just melted over the amazing pieces this lady has collected over the years from various corners of the world. The stories behind them are so meaningful and I just love seeing how certain pieces of memorabilia trigger such emotion is someone. That's what design and photography are all about- the moments, the stories, and the fun memories that life has to offer.

As for graphic design work I'm currently working on two different projects. One is for a family friend who wants a wedding logo designed. I'll show you that one really quick because it's almost finished!

Her colors are apple green and plum. They wanted a California meets Texas theme so here is what I came up with... it's bright, but so is the sweet bride!

The other graphic design project is pretty fun as well. It is for a new spa here in Lubbock called the Renaissance European Spa. They already had their logo designed but came to me to put together their brochure and other graphics for the company. Here is a quick look at one of the drafts for the brochure- this is not final but just a snippet of the inside of it.

As for photography, I've had about 8 new client contacts in the past two weeks!! YEA! I have so many more shoots to blog about- don't think I have forgotten! I owe you guys Nikki's fabulous fashion shoot, the Walker kids, the Klemkes, the McEacherns, and....probably more I'm forgetting....All I want to do right now is get my website up with all this new material, but with so much going on in the day (and me being seriously OCD) I can't find the time!! (and yes, I guess I could have used this 30 minutes instead of blogging, but blogging keeps me sane).

Ok enough rambling about work. It's time for social stuff-

Friday night Ryan and I drove to Midland to catch his best friends wedding shower that was being hosted at Susan's (my favorite mother-in-law's) house. I took some pictures at the party, because let's face it, I just couldn't help myself and am still learning all the bells and whistles on my new camera.

It was fun catching up with everyone in Midland, but Saturday morning came all too soon (and with a headache for that matter) and it was time to head back to the L-B-K to find more "hair of the dog that bit me"...(old person joke.)

This past weekend was the much anticipated Tech/UT game. Being an X-longhorn myself, I used to dread this game because all my UT friends would just rub their team's talent in my face. All this animosity (which was all in my head no doubt) and guilt of being a trader came to a sudden halt when Crabtree single handedly punked UT. I was hoping for another year like that, but no such luck. Here are a few of my favorite candids from the day...

Sage (who is impossible to trick) got 'iced' first thing at the tailgate, by non-other than the self proclaimed "Ice Queen" (ME!). I have gotten pretty tricky and ingenious with the drinking game and even planted a Smirnoff Ice taped to the remote that was wedged in the sofa cushion during a football game last weekend- Ryan caught the bait :)

Haha, I was sitting behind Chris and Brett and happened to catch this "man-love montage" you see above... so funny how crazy these boys get during the game. The smudged hand prints on the glass in the picture below (and crazy look in Ryan's eye) illustrate my point perfectly.

...and last but not least, the all too familiar late-night dance party at the Thames house... haha I love that it is all the boys in dance mode with my mom at 1:00 in the morning. I hope we're always this's just too fun to quit.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Please, step into my office

So let me just start by saying....this was the best week ever! Setting up your own business is not cheap, this I knew.... however starting your own design and photography business is really not cheap. My role-model/photography queen, Kristin Bednarz, has been kind enough to tutor me lately over the field of photography. She is such a God-send and has really inspired me to dive all the way into my new business venture. In the past two weeks, Ryan and I have invested in a new camera, new lens, new computer, and new website. The site is not live yet, but you guys (if there's anybody even reading this- hi mom) will definitely be the first to know! I'm feeling overwhelmingly excited about this business and want to keep everyone updated on all the exciting progress it has made in such a short time! So with no further adieu, please...step into my office!

my desk

I may work from home (which I LOVE) but I really feel like a professional with my new setup! Ryan and I went to Best Buy this weekend to update the RAM on my Macbook Pro. While we waited on the good 'ole Geek Squad, I of course wanted to go check out what Apple had come out with lately.... I came across a 27" imac desktop and laughed out loud to Ryan criticizing it's ridiculous size. Seriously? Who has arms long enough to work on a 27" computer?!? You would have to sit 5' away to not get a headache right!? We go back to the Geek squad to find out my baby apple mac book pro could grow no more... he had hit his limit and for some strange reason could not recognize the new RAM that had been installed. NO! I have deadlines! a growing business! and no time! I can't put up with a slow computer (I could count to 25 every time I would open a new finder window..not too hot for work productivity). Somehow, unbeknownst to me, I later walked out of Best Buy carrying my new 27" imac desktop....feeling very hypocritical and super excited :)

meet marvelous

She was up and running in no-time and has already changed my life. I'm completely obsessed...and luckily have long arms :)

my workspace

In case anyone thought I was crazy enough to get rid of my old macbook pro- they are mistaken. He still sits right next to me and is used for my CAD drafting & design work. Still nice and trusty.

reading nook

I never sit here, but I like it

Onto my new camera and lens. Kristin suggested that I go with the Canon 5D Mark II with a 50mm 1:1.4 lens- I obviously trusted her opinion and ordered it ASAP! I just got it last week and still have a lot to learn on it, but that is of course the fun part!

I feel so incredibly blessed to have such support from my friends, family, role model, and of course, my wonderful husband! Love you all!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Labor-Hay-Day!

Labor Day weekend is often dreaded by some fashionistas as the end of the white season. It is the line of delineation between all those fun bright summer whites and the subdued winter beige. I don't mind it, partly, because the older I get the worse white pants look on me anyway, and secondly because it is yet another fun reason for the Thames klan to get together. Unfortunately my parents weren't able to make the festivities because they are on an Alaskan cruise for a week... no need to worry there....

We started the weekend off Friday night at my parents ranch... (and yes, you realize how much your parents do for you when they aren't there, and YOU are the one hauling food, washing sheets, and keeping things orderly). Ginger, Brett and their friends Zach and Cori coincidentally met Ryan, Brady & I simultaneously at the front gate. We pulled off the highway, popped a top, and headed to the house where we met up with the one and only, Michael Stoltz. We kicked the night off with power hour continued by the guys spotlighting and us girls sitting in the back of a tailgate listening to George & Dwight by the tank. It was awesome!!! I counted 5 shooting starts that night! Ahhh-maz-ing.

Saturday Ginger, Cori, & I headed to Old Mill Trade DAY (as they now call it) to see what crazy small town finds we might ensue. I found some old books I really wanted, but have no use for.... Old books are expensive- WHY?!? They kinda smell but look very pretty around the house and add an ample amount of character to any space!

With my new found love of photography I came a cross a couple of antique baby props that I'm super excited about! Cori found this card for her husband-

but only as a joke- they are seriously the cutest couple ever and have one of the most handsome dogs ever, yes I said handsome. As Ginger would call him.... A genetic specimen.

Wouldn't you like to set him up with your lab? He and Emma-bear certainly hit it off this weekend, even with one eye she's still quite a catch herself you know....

Here are Cori and her husband Zach. That boy loves her!! She was on the recliner and asked how to make it fold out... I said, "well you have to reach your hand down where all the little critters roam"... before she could even muster up the fear of what may be down there- he was already out of the kitchen and did it for her!! Call me crazy, but it's those little things I love so much about relationships- and southern gentlemen!

They're sweet huh?!

After Sage and his girlfriend (aka my new girl crush) Allison got to the ranch, Ginger decided it would be SO FUN to pick PRICKLY PAIRS out of CACTUS plants, in rattle snake infested grasses for 'prickly pear margaritas'- sounds like a kickin' good time right? haha, we all played along and mustered up the courage to each grab a few.


Alli got the snake boots, but with that came extreme responsibility...just ask her!

We went back into town Saturday evening to:

Boy's itinerary: Dove hunt, cook out, drink whiskey
Girl's itinerary: Pick the garden, cook in, drink prickly pair margaritas (which we forgot!)

Saturday morning came with the excitement of a new season and new coach! The boys could hardly stand it, and decided to instigate the 'icing game' to get them through the morning.... The first 'icing' came in a box of Crispy Cream donuts....Ryan caught the bait!

The next funny incident worth noting is the You Tube video that changed my life and might just change yours...

View these IN ORDER!

This song quickly led to inspiration of the most memorable quotes of the weekend! I'm a sucker- I paid $1.29 on itunes to buy it. It's really awful- but catchy. Tell me you won't sing it after you finish here!

The game was fun as usual and we had a blast with our family and amazing friends. Here are a few of my favorite candids from the game!

After the game we headed back out to my parents house for a post-game recap and after party! Everyone ended up spending the night and having SUCH a blast. Even my super fun mother-in-law was game for the shin-dig! (haha, that and Ginger and I gave her no choice to go home!)

A big thanks to Michael Stoltz for the unnecessary caloric intake I had after the game.... He stopped by Rosas on the way out and picked up 6 family fajita meals & a chocolate cake!! We are STILL eating left overs! Thanks Stoltz.

The weekend was just another fun memory to add to our family list of fun. We are so incredibly blessed to all have the most amazing time together. It just never gets old!!!