Monday, December 27, 2010

Fabulous and 50

Why hello there fellow bloggers! It seems like a year has passed since I've been on much has happened in the days since my most recent post! Vegas (x2), Thanksgiving, New York, Dallas, & Christmas have all come and gone since I've blogged last. Where does the time go? I mean seriously, just when I thought I was catching up on life, work just took off and swallowed me up! Don't feel too sorry for me though :) I've managed to slip a few personal days in throughout the past two months! I'm going to try and stay organized through my next few posts and outline them in chronological order.... because I'm OCD like that.

I owe you all:
  • Vegas trip # 2
  • Thanksgiving
  • New York
  • Dallas
  • and our 4 family Christmases!
There. If I type them out on here where you all can see, I'll feel obligated to blog them in a timely fashion :)

With no further ado... let me introduce to you my FABULOUS mother-in-law.
I know that there is a stigma with the term "mother-in-law". I mean pop-culture movies like "Monster in Law" and "Meet the Parents" give in-laws a queazy connotation by any mention of the term, but I'm happy to announce that I seriously won the jackpot with my mother-in-law.

Meet Susan:

Beautiful, smart, fantastic mother-daughter-friend-sister- and oh, did I mention mother-in-law? She's one of those people who is just magnetic. Throughout the past 5 years of knowing her, I've gotten to watch her work her magic on people. My friends, family, heck the lady at the checkout line in Walmart- you name it, they all love her. Susan has a way with people that is so intriguing to watch. Practical strangers confide in her for guidance and assurance! I've seen it!

Susan and I have had an abnormal (in a good way) "in-law" relationship since Ryan and I started dating. She is one of my very favorite people and I can tell her anything. We are VERY much alike (which is nice when she sides with me instead of Ryan! haha) I even look more like Susan than my own mom! (Haha, sorry mother, the facts are just the facts...Ginger is your clone anyway).

Susan turned 50 this November and insisted that we all go out to Vegas to celebrate. She even invited my mom and Dad to join in on the party. Ryan and I are truly blessed to be able to share such amazing memories with both of our families. Words can't describe how much fun we had, so I'm not even going to try. I'm leaving it up to the pictures to say it all. Enjoy!

That's all for now! Stay tuned for my sister-in-laws fabulous "fashion shoot" that we took while we were in Las Vegas coming up next!

Then NEW YORK with my girls after that! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, now it's time to play CATCH UP!!