Sunday, May 30, 2010

Viva is an understatement...

Fabulous Las Vegas....sin city for some, but just a fun-filled family getaway for us! Ryan and I are lucky enough to both have amazing families who enjoy a good time, especially in Vegas! Jack & Susan were so gracious to include my parents for the weekend, and after seeing how much fun my mom & Susan had at my bachelorette party in Vegas last year, I knew this trip would be no different.

The weekend started with the token Bloody Mary on our Southwest flight. Ok, two token Bloody Marys on our Southwest Flight. We got picked up at the airport and headed straight to the hotel!


We rushed to get ready and opened gifts for Jack's birthday, after all we were in vegas and were looking for any excuse for a party...

happy birthday Jackson!

my partner in crime

a break from school & work equals a good time to party

the trio

my fun new family

the vegas crew

dinner at Shibuya

We went to XS at the Encore and danced for what felt like only minutes! The night flew by and we ended it with a fun game of Baccarat in the casino at the Wynn (followed by late night pizza & french fries of course).

Exausted after our 5:00am curfew from the night before, we all decided that a big breakfast followed by the pool sounded pretty nice. After stuffing myself with eggs benedict, pancakes, fruit, bacon, toast, coffee, & orange juice (not to mention the previous late night 4:00am feast) I got the news that Victoria Secret Angel, Marisa Miller would be at Wet Republic. Great, just how I had always envisioned meeting one of the hottest supermodels in the world, hung over and bloated. She was in the cabana next door to us and was nothing but nice. She was gracious enough to pose with all of us!

As if the day could get any better, we all headed back to the room to get ready for another big night out. Ryan got ready much sooner than the rest of us and decided to randomly call some old friends we hadn't seen in a while, Marcus & Audrey. As fate would have it, Marcus & Audrey were actually in Las Vegas for business and had no plans for the night! We invited them to dinner and they joined us at the Bank at the Bellagio after.

pure fate!! two of our favorites.

all the girls at the Bank

Words cannot describe the fun & excitement that the weekend had to offer, so I put together a little video with our theme song from Vegas.

Press play to watch the full Vegas experience! Enjoy :)