Sunday, February 7, 2010

So here we are...

So here we are- married -the new Mr. & Mrs. Rowland- sitting around pondering what to do next. Painting our house is definitely on the list- but requires physical effort (taping, priming, rolling, etc). Changing out our kitchen hardware sounds enticing- but requires online shopping at anthropologie with money we don't have....and the endless stack of laundry to be washed certainly can't keep my attention for more than a couple loads.With this being said- I've decided that to keep myself on the forefront of popular culture and avoid getting stir crazy that I will manage our own "family" blog.

I've always ignored those commercials that say "life comes at you fast", until I recently decided that it does. I woke up today to realize that I'd graduated, gotten married, been catapulted into the working world, and summoned to jury duty all in a matter of months! What is this?! All jokes aside- I have to say married life is amazing. I can sometimes come off as a cynic when it comes to everyday topics- but truth is I'm a hopeless romantic who has found exactly what I want in a husband.

Meet Ryan:

My adorable, smart, loving husband. Ryan and I met when I was a Freshman at UT. Needless to say we hit it off and I ended up back here in my hometown.

He continues to surprise me with his patience and logic. Let's face it- being married to me has to be similar to a roller coaster ride. Fun at times and scary at others... ha- well at least I'm honest. He's my best friend and 7 months in- I couldn't be happier.

He is currently a second year medical student at Texas Tech University. Being married to a med student has made me want to write a sitcom. The random and somewhat useless facts I have learned in the past two years could possibly be a topic worth blogging about in the future.

Meet Emma:

My sweet, now one-eyed chocolate lab pup who destroys an average of two socks a day. This is Emma in her prime- two eyes and all. (back in her glory days she was quite the looker). She lost her eye in an intense game of chicken with a Lexus. She did it in style though and now gets lots of extra table scraps at her left eye's expense. We decided to use the upsetting loss of her left eye to our Halloween party's advantage by dressing her up as a pirate! No patch was necessary, she was very believable :)

With one eye or two, she's a very smart girl.
She even knows how to shut the door!

Emma shutting the door, we're very proud :)

Meet Heather:

I am a fresh graduate of Texas Tech University. I work for a very prominent builder in town designing upscale residential homes and absolutely love my job. Although I often feel under-qualified (yes your read it right- I said under) I truly love the risk and reward that comes with the job. Most people think that since I went to school for Interior Design that I'm really good at picking colors and hot glueing boas onto lamps or something of that sort. Truth
is I am what some might call an "un-glorified architect". My job entails drafting floor plans, electrical plans, dimension plans, roof plans, interior millwork elevations, and exterior elevations. I do actually get to pick out furniture and finish specifications for some jobs which is always fun.... Lately I have been busier than ever at work as I have taken over all of our marketing. I created and manage both of our company websites and create all the graphics for our advertising publications. I have loved the new responsibly I've been given and sadly, thrive on being stressed! So just know that being an "interior designer" is not always as glamorous as it sounds. Truth is, designing houses is extremely challenging and luckily that's what keeps me coming back!!

Well I have successfully still not finished all of our laundry or made any home improvements for the day- but hopefully have kicked off a fun, new, and exciting hobby that will keep me entertained in this new chapter of our lives! Until next time.