Monday, November 15, 2010

work hard play harder!

So I am completely aware that my family and I go to Vegas much more than your average relatives. However- between my family, Ryan's family, & our FABULOUS friends, we very seldom turn down a trip. I should definitely make a label here on my blog for just "Vegas". We are so fortunate to have families that LOVE traveling together- as a matter of fact, my family & Ryan's family will be going to Vegas again this month to celebrate my mother-in-law's 50th birthday!! SO judge if you want, BUT we are just a "Vegas Vacation" kinda family :)

This past trip was especially fun for two reasons.

1. It was Halloween weekend, and oh- mah-gah- did we see some costumes!
2. We went with our new friends that we met on our Royal Caribbean cruise last summer.

Many of my friends give us a hard time about traveling with people we met on a cruise ship. They think it sounds very e-harmony meets dateline.... HOWEVER if you knew these people and my family- you would totally understand. We met one day when the cruise buffet was short on seating... They offered us a seat at their table and next thing we knew we were fellow Texans having a fun lunch in the middle of the ocean! As the week went on (and the beer & pina-coladas flowed) the entire crew got to be great friends!

Kim & Mark invited us to join them (and Kim's hysterical friend Diana) in Vegas for Kim's "fabulous & forty" birthday weekend. We seriously had the BEST time!! We already knew we were good at traveling together, but it was such a different scene in Vegas! Saturday night we went to Blush at the Wynn and celebrated Halloween with some interesting characters. They were having a halloween costume contest and even though our group didn't dress up, we were NOT short of entertainment for the night! I have a message to any parents who's kids are in Vegas without them on halloween- BEWARE OF WHAT YOUR LITTLE GIRLS ARE WEARING!!! Oh my goodness.

The best costumes (and PG might I add) were Iron-Man (who literally engineered his entire costume, and it blew steam!) and the creepy baby mama (you just have to see the pictures).... Sasquatch on stilts ended up winning a $5,00o prize.... maybe we should have dressed up!

The weekend ended all too soon and we were sad to part, but fortunately Kim & Mark hired me to do their kitchen remodel in Dallas so I'll get to see them much more. Kim and her daughter even have a trip planned to come visit Tech over Thanksgiving weekend! Yea to new friends and yea for LAS VEGAS!!